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To talk to one of our Field Trip / Charter professionals, call:


You may fax us at:


You may email us at:


You may also fill out the email request form and send to charters@sunrisebus.com

As a leading provider of Student Transportation Services, our first priority is the safe and timely delivery of our students to school and home each day

Sunrise performs many field trips during and after school hours.  When ordering a bus, please consider that the peak times for school bus service is prior to 8:30 am and between 1:30 and 3:00 pm.

Our experienced field trip and charter professionals will work with you and all schedules involved to make sure that you reach your destination and back safely and on time.

Late April through June are "high demand" times for field trips and charters.  When ordering please keep in mind the peak times of the year and day. 

Our field trip and charter rates are based upon distance to the destination and the amount of time involved.  Lowest rates are for trips that have 9:00 - 9:30 am pick-ups with destinations to the downtown area and departures no later than Noon.  Rates are slightly higher for trips of longer duration, after school hours, weekends and holidays.  For specific trip information, please fill out the form and email to charters@sunrisebus.com or call us at 773.224.8050.