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Sunrise is seeking qualified applicants for positions as drivers and, in some locations, bus aides.

Apply online at:

Sunrise Driver Application

Applicants may apply in person or online.  Training begins immediately and takes approximately 3 weeks to complete.  Once finished, drivers will have a valid Commercial Driver License, Class B, with a Passenger and School Bus Endorsement.  In Illinois, they will have a valid Illinois School Bus Driver Permit. 

Sunrise Southwest is accepting applications for drivers and aides at our new Downer's Grove location.

Sunrise Transportation is accepting applications for drivers at 4540 West Madison and 8500 South Vincennes locations in Chicago and our locations on Midlothian Turnpike in Crestwood and 3482 Pyramid Dr in Rockford.  Access Transportation in Glastonbury, Connecticut is also accepting applications either in person or at their website www.access-transportation.com.

Sunrise Southwest is accepting applications for drivers and bus aides at our Crestwood location.  Bus Aides candidates who are fluent in English and Spanish are a plus.

Please bring a current Motor Vehicle Record (Court Purpose Abstract), School Bus Eligibility receipt and your current driver license.

Sunrise trainer Georgella Williams working with a future driverFor information on Bus Aide positions at Crestwood, contact them directly at 708.844.0800.

All Sunrise drivers undergo the most extensive training in the bus industry.  Candidates undergo a minimum of 15 hours of classroom instruction which includes the School Bus Driver Safety Course.  While completing that, they undergo 20 hours of hands on, behind the wheel training with an experienced safety trainer.

Because we are a drug free environment, drivers are subject to substance abuse testing at least annually and participate in a random drug/alcohol screening program.

All drivers are required to meet state standards for school bus drivers.

Applicants are thoroughly background checked in accordance with applicable regulations.

We screen all driving records of our drivers at least twice each year.  We want our passengers to know that they have a safe, competent person transporting them.

It is the policy of Sunrise to recruit and hire within the communities that we serve. 

All of our drivers undergo in service training that includes behind the wheel and "follow" road observations and up to 20 hours of paid driver meetings each year.  Driving records are checked at least twice each year and all drivers are required to complete annual physical/drug testing.  Drivers are also placed in a pool for random drug testing.

Sunrise drivers have available to them a competitive starting wage, an excellent safe driver bonus program, attendance bonus, paid holidays, paid in-service meetings and employer paid life insurance benefits.

Sunrise is an equal opportunity employer.