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Recent safety news for our Sunrise facilities. 

In December of 2016, our Crestwood drivers operated with ZERO preventable accidents.

In January, our Madison Street in Chicago drivers operated with ZERO preventable accidents.

February and March, our drivers in Glastonbury Connecticut have had ZERO preventable accidents and ONE total for the entire calendar year!

All of our facilities have shown a reduction in accidents overall this school year!

A section for Safety ideas, tips and information.  Safety Meetings are held frequently, monthly or bi-monthly but it isn't limited to a two hour session.  Safe Transportation of our passengers is THE focus.  Safety is not a slogan, an advertisement, a celebration week or even a posting on a website.  Safe Driving is an attitude that says I am going to do everything I can, follow every rule and safe practice to make sure that I will take care of my passengers.  Safe Driving doesn't cost anything!  This section will also be "attaboys" to drivers who go above and beyond.